Eastern Progress has complied with stringent international standards among others, the International Council of Toy Industries ICTI CARE is one of the worldwide audit system of the toy companies. Major brands worldwide have signed that they would only accept products from factories confirmed as being in compliance with the code. The company passed the ICTI Care audit system is an attestation of its quality business practices. This accreditation allows it to sell its products to its key customers in the USA and Europe
We are also comply with China Compulsory Certificate Mark (CCC) and allow our products sold on the Chinese market
- ISO9001:2008 Quality management system HKQAA/CQC
- (BSCI) The Business Social Compliance Initiative
- GSV Global Security Verification
 - International Council of Toy Industries ICTI Care
 - China Compulsory Mark (CCC)
SCAN (Supplier Compliance Audit Network
- SQP (Supplier Qualification program)


SCAN (Supplier Compliance Audit Network

SQP ( Supplier Qualification Program)

ICTI CARE Foundation


Global Security Verification (GSV)

Disney FAMA

CQC Quality Management System Certificate